Why Flash Digital?

Flash Digital’s quality of work has proven to be the best selling tool we have at our disposal. Equally, our agile approach to briefs, our proven ability to deliver on time and our competitive pricing are value adding qualities that we are proud of. Work flow is based on extensive scheduling in consultation with client then in-house trafficking ensures that deadlines are met.

Our BEE credentials and high labor law compliance levels are beyond doubt. One hundred percent of the Flash Digital directorate is made up of black women. Flash Digital believes in backing up its BEE make-up with high delivery and an insistence on building a satisfied client base.

We put a lot of emphasis on color management, a key factor in the production of high quality work. In addition, our design department works closely with our production department, ensuring that the initial design colors are retained.

Our client service department ensures that briefs are taken correctly and with attention to detail, that the client is able to see work in progress at various stages and that all work is signed off before production is carried out.

We are specialists in the branding field, and in keeping with our "single source" approach to our client's media needs, we offer comprehensive concept development, design, and production in order provide a one –stop-shop to our clients. You won't have the printer saying "Call the designer, it's their responsibility" and you won't have the designer saying, "Call the printer, it's their responsibility." What's more, we are able to, almost always; keep the charges for design very low for our printing clients.