Flash Digital Overview

From the beginning, Flash Digital’s quest has been to supply a single sourcing point for branding materials, from design to installation. This has been accomplished through the assembly of a highly skilled production team, a bias for refreshing branding solutions and cutting edge technology.

Most of the company’s senior members come from the advertising industry. Their shift to Flash Digital was inspired by the realization that most advertising companies outsource their branding production, creating a niche market with a hunger for suppliers.

The company’s belief in keeping up with technological advancement is deep seated. Flash Digital has wide format printers that can print anything up to three meters wide. Our capacity levels keep on increasing and we are now able to produce a full range of wide format products without any outsourcing. The exhibitions department has full 3D design capacity for both modular and customized stand production.

The company’s skills basket is impressive. Flash Digital boasts a combined experience pool running over 30 years. These elements have seen our client’s satisfaction levels peak in the knowledge that they are working with professionals who offer experience, attention to detail and high standards.