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Illuminated Signs


Corporations, no longer conservative, are discovering the dramatic effects that neon achieves when used by inventive designers with modern techniques. Flash Digital offers you the most advanced neon sign options.

Neon Flash

Far from being limited to signage, neon now permits a unique range of outstanding artistic expressions, reinforced by the 'vitality' symbolism of gas lighting energy. Graphical, architectural or sculptural the neon offers a wealth of possibilities in direct or indirect lighting. The neon can be a wall focal point for a corporate foyer, create an atmosphere in a hotel's atrium, enhance a restaurant with a mid-air display or echo an architectural structure

LED'S Light Emitting Dios

Flash Digital has kept up with the latest technology with our LED's. With a life span of more than 100,000 hours, you can't go pass our "safe-low voltage" product. Savings from 50% to 80% on power cost. Our LED's are fully programmable efficient and user friendly. Any colour and combination can be achieved.

Slim Line Light Boxes

New Slim Lines Light Box signs are perfect for posters, translucent images and showing your product with light.

Ideal for Illuminating small displays to large custom made sizes. From 20mm thick the Slim Line Box can be made to suit your wall size.

Slim Line Boxes are the latest new thin box for shops and displaying graphics with “New” styles always developing. Fantastic for restaurant menu boards.

Standard sizes are A4, A3, A2, A1, A0.

Illuminated Boxes

Illuminated Boxes use the high visual impact of light to brighten your sign, we use a variety of state-of-the-art aluminum, Acrylic and powder-coated frames, the sign box is lit from inside and allows imaginative designs.