Exhibition stands

Flash Digital has become highly adept at designing and building exhibition stands. In our approach to exhibition stands, we are driven by the awareness that this is one of the most challenging promotional structures that an organisation may install, since it is often surrounded by many other organisational stands vying for attention. For this reason, from the graphic presentation to the architecture of the stand, our approach is geared towards enabling our client’s brand to assume the most remarkable position.

The Flash Digital design department prides itself on its ability to produce the most creative and eye pleasing 3D designs for both our modular and customized stands. Our manufacturing department insists on using the highest quality materials in the building of stands. In addition, our building teams have impressive experience in setting up the most qualitative structures. The fact that we have full capacity from design to building enables us to carry through the desired look and feel from beginning to end.

In most cases, an exhibition stand is as good as the client’s brief. However, while many marketing managers have an idea of the desired final product, they may find the technical information daunting. At Flash Digital, we work closely with the client, helping them define the stand they wish for, and then work to produce the design that meets the client’s needs. Once the design has been approved, Flash Digital steps in with a system that includes risk assessment and method statement, liaison with exhibition organizers, booking of power and onsite services, delivery, installation and merchandising, storage and setting of exhibition stands.

This planning, architectural design, creative and building process produces a variety of exhibition models, including the following:

  • Shell Schemes: Multi- purpose stands for regular exhibits
  • Modular Stands: Versatile and can be custom designed to suit your specific display requirements
  • Custom Stands: Successful exhibit solutions reliant on structural and graphic designs
  • Hiring: We rent all required furniture and electrical equipment that ensures a successful exhibit. We also offer transportation and installation from venue to venue