Event Branding

Event branding is one of the most effective ways of promoting a brand. Whether it is a golfing event, a media conference or a product launch, branding becomes the decisive element between a memorable brand and one that loses top of mind position swiftly.

Flash Digital provides branding materials, from branded stationery to large sized, wide format branded backdrops. We specialize in arena, venue, event, retail and city branding, both indoor and outdoor. Flash Digital can provide numerous sustainable branding options, including hard and soft signage, digital signage, print, design, manufacture and installations.

We are innovators in our field and with our experience and expert knowledge we are able to advise, create and implement the look feel of a client’s branding requirements. With Flash Digital, your brand or message is given the best platform.

Our products we recommend include; flags, flagpoles, banners, signage, cafe barriers, pop-up tents, commercial parasols, building wraps, pop-up banners, backdrops, queue barriers, supporter flags and banners, vehicle wraps, architectural signage, windsocks, wall prints to mention a few. Our experienced team, coupled with our high quality products and professional service ensures we deliver on time and within your budget.