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Handcuffs for Humour


If you visited our offices on the afternoon of May 10 2011,  you would be excused for thinking we were running a dodgy business. Every ingredient of a crime scene was there for all to witness. The police were there and our staff member was handcuffed and hauled into a mobile cell to complete the crime chaos. But it was all staged and all for a good cause.  

Sports Against Crime is a non-governmental organization that uses innovative ways to raise funds for the poor. On this day they were using the “Jail a Victim” tactic. In association with the South African Police Services (SAPS), Sports Against Crime approached organisations and “arrested and jailed” staff members who have the best sense of humour. The organisations then “bailed out” the “victims”. The “bail” was effectively the sponsorship.

Our ever joking receptionist Sphiwe Ledwaba was Flash Digital’s unfortunate victim and she had her first ever brush with the “law”. 

Apart from getting her out on “bail”, Flash Digital also sponsored banners for Sports Against Crime’s fund raising events.

“It is our responsibility to help out the needy. Flash Digital believes in the spirit of Ubuntu. We are what we are because of all the people around us including the needy,” says Flash Digital spokesperson Vincent Nyahuye.

To do your part, please call Sports Against Crime on 011 314 9039 or click here to leave your details and Sports Against Crime will call you 


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